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EV Diagnostics

Maintenance is even more important for an EV than for a regular car. We will perform detail diagnosis on your EV, keep you driving and thriving see more...

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Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS)

The more your ABS gets used, the more likely it is to wear out, our technicians are always on standby to get you going. see more...

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Inverter System

What is the difference between an inverter and DC/DC converter in an electric vehicle? Much like how internal combustion engines and alternators work together on conventional vehicles, hybrid cars and electric motors use inverters and converters to manage power to and from the battery pack to the motors and other on-board systems. Inverters transform direct current (DC) from the battery into alternating current (AC) to power the vehicle. Inverters also control the motor and convert it to a generator, transferring braking energy back into the battery. see more...

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HV Transmission

HV transmissions requires a completely different level of commitment and dedication when compared to working with non-HV transmissions. Trust us with your HV transmission see more...

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Battery Reconditioning

Batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles loose power, every and capacity over time; this can be the largest factor in depreciation in value of your vehicle. see more...

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General Repairs & Maintenance

We have the training and the engineers to ensure that the delicate repairs are to the exact standards they are designed for. see more...

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  • Our Methods

    Our method for hybrid auto repair and electric car services targets efficiency, affordability, and environmental awareness.

  • Our Focus

    We focus on bespoke customer service as well as ensuring fair, transparent prices and assuring quality work. We’re happy to give you advice at any time and we are pro-active in our approach to your vehicle’s reliability, comfort and safety. see more...

  • Your Result

    Manipulation, misconception and deception is what we stand against, and therefore, we make it a point to keep our quality of products and services up to the mark. So, what is it that you will get at our garage that you will not get anywhere else? The BEST. see more...


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